Denver Camping Rentals: Social Distance In Style

There’s no doubt that 2020 has already been a crazy year. From the coronavirus pandemic to an upcoming election and everything in between, the need for individuals to enjoy a break from all the craziness is evident and fortunately, the ability to get outside and enjoy yourself safely is still available. Even with certain businesses still shut down or reopening with new restrictions, there are plenty of outdoor options out there for individuals and families to spend some quality time together while making the most of a turbulent year and some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. 

Enjoying the great outdoors offers benefits of camping, including family bonding, education, and a greater appreciation for nature in addition to multiple other factors. Being able to “unplug” from the world, even if just for a weekend getaway, can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself - especially during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak when individuals are being asked to avoid social interactions as much as possible.  

Social Distance

The term was made famous in 2020 with much of the entertainment industry and many other activities being tremendously impacted by COVID-19 but camping may be the ultimate option still available. As things begin to slowly open back up, they look different than before, but outside - under the stars - camping hasn’t changed.

Off the Grid

Depending on where you decide to go, the ability to leave technology behind is a personal preference. However, there are benefits of unplugging from electronics and letting yourself just enjoy the company you keep and nature during your entire stay. Not only can the change of scenery help, but giving up the constant distractions, stress, and focusing on the moment can be a healthy outlet while offering up some relaxing recovery time. 


Experts have revealed their thoughts on if rental cars are safe during the coronavirus and the results are extremely favorable for individuals wanting to resume traveling. Any potential exposure to the virus would be more involved due to the passengers as opposed to the vehicle itself, even if the very last driver had been infected. 

If you’re ready to book an awesome adventure and get safely out of the house, then look no further than Peak Overland. Family owned and operated, our personal love for the outdoors can be seen in each and every detail associated with your entire rental experience. Able to outfit individuals with anything from just an off road vehicle to a fully functional camping experience built onto your chosen mode of transportation, our fleet has anything and everything you could possibly need for a trip off the grid. In addition to jeeps and trucks, travel trailers, four-wheelers, and other modes of transportation are also available and ready to rent. Contact us online today or at 720-483-4929 in order to get started booking your next memory making trip of a lifetime. Go on, get outside, and enjoy the multiple benefits of a camping adventure - no matter your length of stay.
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